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Council Special Meeting


City CouncilĀ 
Dr. Reggie Edwards, City Manager
Dr. Reginald Edwards, City Manager

SUBJECT:City Manager's Budget Transmittal Letter for 2022 Fiscal Year

By State Law and City Charter, each year the City Council is required to adopt an annual budget.  The budget is perhaps the Cities most critical planning document.  It sets forth the Council priorities for the upcoming year and allocates resources in accordance with those priorities.


Monday, December 6th 2021 is the culmination of a consensus building, priority-setting process that began with the development of a multi-year strategic plan.  The strategic plan clarifies our values, establishes goals and strategic priorities in pursuit of our Mission.


There were significant changes made to the budget for the Office of Prevention, Safety & Health subsequent to what was initially presented.  Private grants have been secured totaling $725,000, which along with additional resources related to the freezing of three positions within the Police department brought the total allocated expenditures in this area from $154,850 to $1,321,807.  This includes funding for the implementation committee, pilot programs for civilian traffic response and mental health 911 calls, and a Community Transformational Change Innovation Process. 


Ensuring an attractive, clean, safe, inclusive community that enhances the quality of like for all people and preserves the public trust.


Following the strategic plan and adopted financial policies as a guide, staff has worked with the City Council and Financial Commission over several months to craft budgets designed to meet the agreed upon service needs and achieve the desired community outcomes.


On Monday you will be asked to consider the following:

·         Receive the budget report and hold the statutorily required public hearing

·         Hold an HRA meeting to consider the adoption of an HRA levy and budget

·         Hold an EDA meeting to consider the adoption of an EDA budget

·         Hold a City Council Meeting to

o   Receive the City Manager’s proposed budget

o   Adopt the Final Property Tax Levies

o   Adopt the Annual City Budget for all funds

o   Approve the 2022-2036 CIP and 2022 Capital Program




The 2022-2036 Capital Improvement Plan was presented and reviewed by the City Council and Financial Commission at the July 7, 2021 joint work session.  There have been no subsequent modifications to the Plan prior to this consideration for adoption.

Strategic Priorities and Values:

Enhanced Community Image, Resident Economic Stability, Inclusive Community Engagement, Targeted Redevelopment, Safe, Secure, Stable Community, Key Transportation Investments
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